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Potential is a system where a piece of equipment may be granted bonus effects and stats. This may only be done once to each item. However, the potential of an equip may be erased using a reset spark and redone to match the player's needs. A crafted item will retain its potential from the item that was used to craft it.

To uncover an item's hidden potential, the appropriate spark must be used. A piece of armor's hidden potential is revealed using an onyx spark. Weapons and accessories require crystal and diamond sparks respectively. The rarity and type of the spark required depends on the rarity and level of the item.

Each item has a preset list of possible hidden potential stats. All possible unlockable stats of an item are listed on the item's page.

The following is small list of possible potentials. It is by no means exhaustive:


Paralyze Resist +3.75% Intelligence +3.5% Critical Resist +9.75% Stun Resist +4.75% Max MP +6.50% Agility +4.50% Strength +4.50% Max HP +6.50% Weapons

Paralyze +13.50% Strength +4.5% Physical Damage +5.8-5.8% Intelligence +3.5% Dark Dmg +8.0% Ice Dmg +8.0% Fire Dmg +8.0% Accessories

Magic Damage +5.8-5.8% Physical Damage +5.8-5.8% Strength +4.50% Max MP +6.50% Agility +4.50% Intelligence +3.50% Max HP +6.50% Paralyze Resist +3.75% Critical Resist +9.75%