Dragon Nest Wiki
Icon Name Passive/Active Description Prerequisites Req. Level
Nightfall Active Consecrates the ground, damaging enemies and increases damage taken by enemies. Dark Conviction Level 1 45
Illusion Strike + Passive Allows the user to throw additional blades after casting Illusion Strike. Left click to throw in a frontal cone or right click to throw in a fan shape around you. Illusion Strike Level 6 48
Darkness Incarnate Active Uses abyssal chakra to grant a buff that temporarily increases dark attack for 30s. Nightfall Level 1 50
Night Burst + Passive Creates a ball of energy that sucks in enemies after casting Night Burst Night Burst Level 1
Illusion Strike + Level 1
Nether Burst + Passive Nether Burst leaves an area of abyssal energy that damages enemies that step on it. Nether Burst Level 1 60
Abyssal Chakra Passive Increases own Dark Attack by 10%, and increases Physical Damage by 10% after casting Illusion Strike or Shadow Focus N/A 65
Dark Line + Passive Adds an additional charge for Dark Line. Dark Line Level 1 70
  • Note: All skills require 65 SP in the Taoist tree.