Altera (Lagendia in SEA) is the world where most of the events in Dragon Nest occur. It is the home of various races such as humans, elves (those from Anu Arendel, dark elves), goblins, trolls, minotaurs, lizardmen, and many others.

Origins Edit

Altera is the creation of the goddess Altea, and was blessed by her magic until she was poisoned by her sister Vestinel. After its conception, Lagendia has been the center of constant conflict as it became the stage for many battles amongst powerful creatures like dragons and the Ancients who first inhabited Lagendia. After the Ancients suddenly disappeared, humans erected a kingdom and forged alliances with the elves of Anu Arendel, who would later join forces to battle the fierce dragon Karas in a tumultous battle.

Despite this, Lagendia remains vulnerable to further conflicts, especially with the rise of power of the Red Dragon's minions, the Dragon Followers. Lagendia was created from the dreams of the goddess Altea, who also created its first inhabitants, the Ancients, and the Ancient Dragon and Chaos Dragon. Under Altea's kindness and the good deeds of the Ancients, Lagendia flourished while under the protection of the two dragons.

However, the goddess Vestinel grew jealous over Altea, and in her jealousy, Vestinel poisoned Altea. As Altea consumed Vestinel's poison, evil contaminated the hearts of the Ancients. Meanwhile, Vestinel released her creation, the Beyond Dragon from her own world Mist Land and Lagendia swiftly falls into chaos. The Ancient Dragon and the Chaos Dragon joined forces to defeat the Beyond Dragon and were barely victorious. However, the Chaos Dragon's exposure to the Beyond Dragon's energy corrupted itself, and the Ancient Dragon is forced to fight against the contaminated Chaos Dragon in an epic battle. 

At the end of the battle between the two protectors of Lagendia, the remains of the Chaos Dragon scattered itself throughout Lagendia, while the Ancient Dragon, severely weakened from battle, disintegrated itself as well. Meanwhile, the population of the Ancients were dragged close to extinction, and another race soon came to rule over the land of Lagendia: the human race.  

As the once-powerful Ancients dwindled in power and numbers, a powerful being named Bishas Arnobius taught magic to two human disciples: Marian and Jacob, who would later become the founders of Vision Magic and Divine Magic, respectively. Under the guidance of the first human magicians, the human race rose in power, gaining powers to control the elements and to display the might of Altea herself. However, the Sorcerers of the Fairystar and the Clerics of the Cleric Order eventually become at odds with each other, and the long-running conflict between the two sides began.