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The "Archer" is one of the available classes in the game Dragon Nest. At level 15 it branches into Sharpshooter and Acrobat

Background Edit

The Archer is as willowy and flexible as the bow she wields. Like all the elves of Arendel, she's a lover of nature, for in that land, elves who find their destiny ascend to a second life as a tree. She's left her beloved home to embark on the journey to find her Telezia, her destiny. Should she succeed, she will return in honor, to one day join her ancestors by becoming a tree. To fail in her quest, means oblivion, being reduced to nothing more than a pile of dust.

Skills Edit

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Icon Name Required Skill Lvl Required Char Lvl Target Cast Time Cost Type
Twin Shot - 1 Opponent Instant Active
Shoot a pair of arrows that reaches further than normal attacks. Works on knocked down enemies.
Piercing Shot - 1 Opponent Instant Active
Fires a quick arrow that penetrates armour.

Specialization Edit

At Level 15, like any other class, Archers can advance into higher classes, gaining additional skills whilst retaining their Archer skills.

Sharpshooter Edit

The Sharpshooter focuses on mid-long range combat, while sacrificing some of their mobility. They use either Longbows or Crossbows.

Acrobat Edit

The Acrobat focuses on maneuverability with their kicks, thus transforming them into a fast-paced melee class. They use Shortbows.