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NPC Name Archer Trainer Ajari
Gender Female
Alliance Free Adventurer's League Free Adventurer's League.png
Occupation Archer Trainer
Location Lotus Marsh

Ajari is the archer trainer of Lotus Marsh. She is very friendly, carefree, likes to touch people, and loves exercise.


"Ajari collects details about human courtship rituals. Her latest factoid? That humans handcuff themselves to each other when they get married as a sign of eternal affection. It makes her heart melt."

Ajari participated in The Dragon Raid then settled at Lotus Marsh. She fell in love with a Native who loved butterflies and she changed her name to the Native language for "butterfly". Lotus Marsh used to have butterflies but they died out after the Dragon Cultists moved in.

Ajari revealed that Varnak had a crush on Kasarana.


Unlock friendship with Ajari by completing Chapter 7: Succession