Dragon Nest Wiki
NPC Name Arnold
Gender Male
Alliance No Alliance No Alliance.png
Occupation Warehouse Manager
Location Ironwood Village

Arnold is the "bank" of Ironwood Village, keeping things for the players whose inventory is too small. He also keeps gold for players, though it is unknown if this has a purpose other than an achievement, as no gold cap has been observed.


Considering his rather laid back conversations, he seems to do his job as a hobby rather than as a paid profession. It is unknown how exactly he keeps the items safe, not that they need to be guarded.


"You won't find safer storage anywhere." ~ chat start

"Don't worry, all your weird junk is safe." ~ chat end

"Sometimes, people store things and never come back for them. I hate those people." ~ chat end

"I swear, people give me the strangest things to store." ~ chat end

"Your stuff will be safe from everything, even dragons." ~ chat end

"I've never lost an item. No matter what it is, it's safe with me." ~ chat end