Dragon Nest Wiki
Icon Name Passive/Active Description Prerequisites Req. Level
Ward of the Spirit.png
Ward of the Spirit Active Increases the magic attack strength for the duration and all attack damage dealt to enemy changes to Magic Damage. Hawk Ballista Level 1 45
Frag Arrow +.png
Frag Arrow + Passive Enhance the Frag Arrow skill to add explosion attack when hit. Frag Arrow Level 6 48
Detonating Arrow.png
Detonating Arrow Active Shoots an arrow with the power of magic. The arrow blows up after 3 seconds on hit to deal additional damage to nearby enemies. Ward of the Spirit Level 1 50
Rapid Shot +.png
Rapid Shot + Passive Strengthens Rapid Shot and changes the attack animation. Rapid Shot + summons 6 arrows around the Warden and the Warden is allowed to move immediately after the summoning. The arrows will be fired in front of the Warden in its own time. Rapid Shot Level 1
Frag Arrow + Level 1
Swift Shot +.png
Swift Shot + Passive Strengthens Swift Shot, increasing damage and number of arrows. Click the attack mouse button to jump backwards and fire 3 arrows ahead. Swift Shot Level 1 60
Soul Striker Passive Increases Magic Damage by 10%. 65
Guided Missiles + Passive Enhances Guided Missiles, Fires 2 arrows and increases the size of the on-hit explosion. Guided Missiles Level 1 Swift Shot + 70
  • Note: All skills require 65 SP in the Sharpshooter tree.

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