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The Atlantis docked at Saint's Haven

Detail of the Atlantis from the Saint's Haven map

A vast and majestic airship that carries passengers between Carderock Pass and Saint's Haven. At the time the player arrives in Carderock the ship has been sabotaged by the Black Knight and is grounded for repairs. Players must help engineer Hubert get his baby off the ground again by recovering its scattered parts and recharging its Acclivity Drive.

After the player repairs the airship it also seems to service the routes between the rest of the towns.


  • While Ellesian is the Pass's main ticket manager, she does not offer passage to Saint's Haven like her colleagues elsewhere. Instead, there is a second ticket manager near the mooring point who only offers passage to the city and nowhere else. She provides the player's first ticket free of charge after the ship is repaired.
  • One of this NPC's greetings indicates that the ship has a spotty safety record despite her engineer's care, though she could be referring to the results of the sabotage.
  • The ship is already floating even while 'grounded' for repairs.
  • The player can only access the Atlantis's Saint's Haven mooring point during the arrival quest. Subsequently, the game will teleport the player to the ship's destination immediately after a ticket is purchased.