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Icon Meaning
Portal Icon.png Portal
Dungeon Icon.png Dungeon Entrance
Commission Board Icon.png Commission Board
Forgotten TempleMinotaur NestDread Forest PassCommission BoardCommission BoardPortal to Ashen RuinsAutumn Shore.png


Dread Forest Pass.png
Dungeon Entrance Map.png
Dread Forest Pass
Dread Forest
Level: 12 • Abyss: 15
Basin of the Fallen
Level: 20 • Abyss: 24
Forgotten Temple.png
Dungeon Entrance Map.png
Forgotten Temple
Temple of the Sleepers
Level: 14 • Abyss: 15
Prayer's Retreat
Level: 22 • Abyss: 24
File:Minotaur Nest.png
Dungeon Entrance Map.png
Minotaur Nest
Minotaur Nest
Level: 24 • Abyss: 24

Ironwood Village Thumb.png
Ironwood Village
Mana Ridge Thumb.png
Mana Ridge
Carderock Pass Thumb.png
Carderock Pass
Saint's Haven Thumb.png
Saint's Haven
Lotus Marsh Thumb.png
Lotus Marsh
Fields Shadow Forest Frost Hill Ashen Ruins Black Mountain Path Liverwort Marina
Gale Woods Snowmelt Forest Autumn Shore Port Hermalte
Crystal Stream