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NPC Name Bailey
Gender Male
Alliance Free Adventurer's League Free Adventurer's League
Occupation Scholar
Location Carderock Pass

An intellectual of Carderock Pass. He has a great deal of interest in the Crests of the Ancients, mainly for their destructive potential. He is very intelligent and has a kind personality, but his macabre studies and unsettling experiments have made most of the townsfolk wary of his company.

Personality[ | ]

As an intellectual, Bailey loves to find the meaning behind everything that exists. He makes keen observations and draws strange hypotheses that leads to stranger conclusions.
Bailey greatly dislikes May because of her selfishness.

Friendship[ | ]

Giving gifts to Bailey increases May's aversion, and likewise, giving gifts to May increases Bailey's aversion. He likes the following gifts:

Friendship Dialogue[ | ]

5.00 Fondness[ | ]

15.00 Fondness[ | ]