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Also known as Fortress of the Dark Overlord Army (DN SEA), more commonly to players be referred as simply Dark Overlord Army. It is one of the dungeons that can be played when a player once reached Saint Haven. It contains a Dark Overlord theme where a bloody war is occurring during entrance in the dungeon. The storyline of the dungeon is to help the Saint Haven's soldiers in infiltrating the camp while the Dark Overlord Army tries to defend their camp.

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Blackguard Stronghold Loading Screen.jpg
Dungeon Name Blackguard Stronghold
Location Black Mountain Path
Level Range 28 ~ ?
Difficulties Available Easy, Normal, Hard, Master, Abyss
Number of Rooms 2

Dungeon Summary

• Easy •

Recommended Level 28
Recommended Party Size 1
EXP Gained Experience
Money Reward 0 Gold 80 Silver 0 Copper
Plate 03.png


Crystal Spark (Magic).png

Common Hidden Ability Spark

Need Icon.png

Weapon / Armor

Anima's Powder.png

Purified Monster Extract

Crude Onyx.png

Crude Onyx


Blackguard Stronghold Boss.png
Boss Name: Hobbserian
Level HP
Species Hobgoblin Movement Speed Normal
Amount Spawned 1 Element
Neutral Element.png Neutral

Monster Spawns


Story Quests

Obtained From Objective Reward


Side Quests

Krag's Counterattack
Obtained From Objective Reward
Rodrigo Duel Landslide Krag Hero Energy Potion x 2
159700 Experience
1 Gold 47 Silver 63 Copper

Commission Board Quests

Obtained From Objective Reward


Empowerment Consumption (Total)

Dungeon Map

Need Image.png