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Basic Information[ | ]

Level Requirement: Level 24 ~ 39
Party Limit: 1
Weekly Limit: 7
Minimum Tickets Awarded: 6 (+8 at a chance)

Description[ | ]

This is a solo fight against all the 13 bosses in the level 9 through 24 dungeon brackets in succession. The sequence of boss appearance is the same for every run. Each boss will only have 1 bar of health. Each boss may receive a special buff, which are invisibility, speed buff, or super armor.

Killing the goblin referee will drop a 50% recovery food item, but several strong armored goblins will appear to attack the player. Defeating the current boss will cause the armored goblins to flee. Leaving the referee alive has no reward but it has very little endurance anyway.

There is a small chance that Landslide Krag will appear at the end as a bonus boss fight. Defeating him will provide 4 additional Daredevil Prize Tickets.

Details[ | ]

To access the Boss Rush, enter the right-most tent. Run forward into the arena where the player is treated with a grand entrance and a short speech by the goblin referee.

Boss list: