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Brother Cedric

A Cleric of the Templar Knights. He was one of the Clerics who were responsible for escorting the caravan carrying the Sage's Staff to be transported to Mana Ridge. He was attacked by monsters and was injured. He was later discovered to be a Dragon Follower who stole the Sage's Staff and Vision Orb.

Chapter 1: Sorceress & Cleric[ | ]

At the beginning of the chapter, he was attacked by a band of Goblins. The player rescues him and brings him to Mana Ridge in order to recover.

Later, he can be found at Frost Hill with Brother Jacob. Shortly after, the Sage's Staff and Vision Orb were stolen from Cynthia.

Cedric is later revealed as a second Dragon Follower who wanted to steal the Sage's Staff and Vision Orb. The player find him at Marion's Hall and defeats him there.