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Brother Jacob

Jacob is a Cleric of the Templar Knights. Became close friends with the player Cleric who both served under Brother Thomas. Jacob is later discovered as one of the Dragon Followers that wishes to steal the Sage's Staff. He lost his life when the player fought him to retrieve the Sage's Staff and Vision Orb.

Chapter 1: Sorceress & Cleric[ | ]

The player first reports to Jacob in order to request aid to retrieve the Sage's Staff. He first reveals that the Dragon Follower was found at Icewind Valley, where the player discovers a Dragon Follower's mask.

Later when the Sage's Staff and Vision Orb were stolen, the player requests Jacob's aid to search for those items. A Templar Knight's pendant was found at Silent Cloister.

The player then discovers a Dragon Follower at Icewind Forest. The player chases the Dragon Follower to Marion's Hall and defeats him, only to find out that it was Jacob. The player then retrieves the Sage's Staff and Vision Orb and returns them to Cynthia.

If the player is a Cleric, Jacob is revealed to be the Dragon Follower who ordered the attack on the caravan that was transporting the Sage's Staff at the beginning of the chapter.

A revenant of Brother Jacob will also guide the Cleric through 1st Specialization, and during this time, Jacob will tell the player that it was his destiny to meet the player, became friends, and later became a Dragon Follower, telling the player to follow his own destiny (a reference to picking a path to specialize in.)

Quotes[ | ]

"Find...your own...path..." ~ near-death quote