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Captain Steve
NPC Name Captain Steve
Gender Male
Alliance Cassius Palace Cassius Palace
Occupation None
Location Ironwood Village

Captain Steve is the leader of the Ironwood Militia, a group formed in order to protect Ironwood Village.

He helps the player pursue Rose for all of Chapter One's main quests.

Personality[ | ]

Captain Steve is a man with intelligence and leadership not often found in such a rural town. He is respected by virtually everyone.

The captain also seems to be very good friends with Lily.

Friendship[ | ]

To befriend Steve, you must have at least 10 Fondness with May.

Friendship Dialogue[ | ]

??.00 Fondness[ | ]

??.00 Fondness[ | ]

??.00 Fondness[ | ]

??.00 Fondness[ | ]

??.00 Fondness[ | ]

Quotes[ | ]

"The militia could always use more help!" ~ chat start

"The safety of Ironwood Village is in our hands." ~ chat start

"Always remember the brave militia of Ironwood Village." ~ chat end

"We won't stop fighting, no matter what!" ~ chat end