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Carderock Pass Loading Screen

Carderock Pass loading screen.

A sizeable town where young Warriors, Archers, Clerics, Sorcerers, Tinkerers, Kali and Assassins all meet together for the first time.

You can come to Carderock when you are level 9. It is named with "Gateway" because it acts exactly like one to Saint Haven, as many people come to this town to cross into that city. Here, your hero only begins to start their destiny

When you become level 9, you have the option to stay at your starter village, or leave towards Carderock. Carderock has much more dungeons than the starter villages and you will be spending a lot of time here until you're able to go to Saint's Haven.

Map[ | ]

Icon Meaning
Portal Icon Portal
Warrior Icon Warrior Skill Trainer
Archer Icon Archer Skill Trainer
Cleric Icon Cleric Skill Trainer
Sorceress Icon Sorceress Skill Trainer
Auction Icon Auction House
Blacksmith Icon Blacksmith
Trade Icon General Shop
Storage Icon Storage Keeper
Scholar Icon Scholar
Guild Icon Guild Manager
Mailbox Icon Mailbox
MailboxWarrior Skill Trainer ChandlerArcher Skill Trainer AdelineSorcerer Skill Trainer TianaCleric Skill Trainer GermaineMay (Potion Merchant)Korin (Blacksmith)Deckard (Guild Master)Rupert (Storage Keeper)Bailey (Crest Scholar)Alfred (Marketplace)MailboxPortal to Crystal StreamPortal to Ashen RuinsInvisible ThiefWounded Elite SoldierWounded Elite SoldierWounded Elite SoldierWounded Elite SoldierWounded Elite SoldierOfficer ClarkKevinHubertIrine (Event Guide)Carderock Pass

List of NPCs[ | ]

Portrait Name Occupation Location
Archer Trainer Adeline
Adeline Archer Master East of Chandler
Cleric Master Germaine
Germaine Cleric Master North of Tiana
Tiana Sorceress Master North East Building from Bridge
Warrior Master Chandler
Chandler Warrior Master North Side of town
Korin Blacksmith Right hand side faceing Rupert
Merchant May
May Merchant West of Chandler
Bailey Crest Scholar South of Deckard
Rupert Storage Keeper North of Alfred
Alfred Auction House Manager South Side of town
Deckard Guild Master South Side of town, East of bridge
Hubert Airship Engineer Most Eastern Point
Kevin Quest NPC South West of Hubert
Invisible thief
Invisible Thief Quest NPC On top of a tent north of Wounded Elite Soldier
Ellesian Conducter for the Atlantis Northwest of the Crystal Stream entrance, southwest of the mailbox
Events Guide Irine
Irine Event Guide North Fountain
Wounded Elite Soldier
Wounded Elite Soldier NPC Guard North East Tents
Officer Clark NPC Guard North East Tents
Tamer Lindsay NPC Vendor East Fountain, near May

Ironwood Village Thumb
Ironwood Village
Mana Ridge Thumb
Mana Ridge
Carderock Pass Thumb
Carderock Pass
Saint's Haven Thumb
Saint's Haven
Lotus Marsh Thumb
Lotus Marsh
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Gale Woods Snowmelt Forest Autumn Shore Port Hermalte
Crystal Stream