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For any pets not officially implemented on the NA server, see Category:Future Pets.

Pets are companions that the players can buy from the Dragon Vault. They are under the "Pet" tab and currently costs 3300 NX each. However, to purchase them with NX Credit, a character must be over Level 16.

Pets are placed in the "Mount & Pets" section of the Inventory window. They can be summoned by a right-click. The first time doing so will prompt a naming window. Pets' names are limited a maximum of eight characters. Players are able to check the pet's status via the character window, also under the "Pet" tab.

Their appearance is also customizable.

Pets cannot be used in Arena (PvP), Guild Wars, or Raid Maps.

The features of the pet includes:

  • Stat bonus when summoned
  • The ability to gain levels
  • Able to attack enemies
  • Mountable (currently there are none sold)
  • Ability to pick up items


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