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Species Health Mov. Speed Element
Cerberus Very High Slow
Dark Element.png Dark
  • Paw swipe, causes knock back
  • Paw stomp, 2 alternating paws. Causes knock down.
  • Hind leg sweep, hits target beside it. Causes knock back.
  • Body spin, causes knock back. Rarely used
  • Leap attack, launches targets.
  • Roar attack, deals minor damage and knocks back.
  • Spits several waves of fireballs in 3 directions. Causes knock back.
  • Fire Wall, launches targets.
  • Summons an enormous beam of dark lightning straight ahead. Deals dark damage and causes electrocution.
  • Stands up on hind legs and slams the ground with front paws, causing knock back. Followed by an enormous storm of dark lightning around it. Cannot hit targets that are too close to it. Causes electrocution.
  • Casts several balls of slow moving ice. Freezes targets in a block of ice. Expires after traveling a certain distance.
  • Summons an enormous hail of ice shards. The ice shards rain in the direction of each player. Ice shards persist on the ground for a few moments. Causes frost, which reduces action and movement speed.
  • (Hell mode only) Charge forward a great distance while covered in flames. Causes burn.
  • (Hell mode only) Casts a blanket mist of ice in front of it. Causes frost.
  • (Hell mode only) Summons 3 large stationary balls of dark lightning.
Combat Tips
  • Cerberus' 3 heads represent the 3 elements it wields. Right head casts fire spells, middle head casts dark lightning spells, and left head casts ice spells.
    • Each head has its own life bar. Depleting a head's life bar will stun Cerberus and disables the head for a few moments.
    • The head that casts a spell will glow first.
  • At 1 remaining life bar, an army of Black Poochums will spawn and attack.