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The Ashen Ruins Chaos Rift gateway guarded by a Dimensional Rabbit

Chaos Rifts were tears in space-time that opened the way to a dark and fluctuating alternate dimension. Controlling access to this dimension and transporting brave adventurers between its realms are the true duties of the Dimensional Rabbits. Many heroes have succumbed to the chaotic energies of the Rifts and now defend them as twisted Shadow Heroes.

The Chaos Rifts were replaced by the Hero's Battlefield in patch 400.

The Shadow Heroes

Each Chaos Rift consists of several challenge rooms that are randomly selected from a larger pool. Players are expected to perform tasks such as killing a certain number of monsters, killing specific bosses, surviving for a certain time, protecting an entity or navigating a hostile area. When a room's task is complete a Dimensional Rabbit will appear and allow access to the next room.

The final challenge in a Chaos Rift is a full party of Shadow Heroes. These are Chaos-corrupted AI versions of player classes that can use the same abilities and the party always contains one of each main class. Characters below the recommended level may have difficulty with this Boss fight unless their equipment is exceptional.

Entering a Chaos Rift[]

The Rifts are Abyss - only dungeons that require a Dimensional Box Key to enter. The swirling purple entrances will simply not exist if the player does not have at least one key in his or her inventory when entering the Field. Each entry consumes one key even if the Rift is not completed.

The Rifts can be accessed from the portal chamber in Saint's Haven central tower. The specific portal for Chaos Rifts is located at the rear-left of the chamber (the 7 o'clock position) and has a Dimensional Rabbit standing guard as always. As with the Field entrance, the gate in the portal chamber will not appear for players without a Key.

Chaos Rift Kamala[]

The entrance to this level 24 Chaos Rift is located to the left of the Ashen Ruins.

Known challenges[]

  • Navigate a narrow pass with several road blocks, which are opened by destroying the preceding monster spawn.
  • Destroy monster spawns in four rooms to open a central portal sealed by large black crystals.
  • Decide whether a Minotaur or a gang of Goblins is stronger and help the chosen party triumph over the other.
  • Survive for a certain period of time in a long hallway as monsters spawn endlessly.
  • Destroy a Hobgoblin Generator as Hobgoblins spawn endlessly.


  • The boss fight is a party consisting of a Warrior, an Archer, a Cleric and a Sorceress.
  • The Reward Chest contains one or more Boss materials from Carderock, Ironwood Village and Mana Ridge dungeons.
  • The reward lottery contains skill fragments for level 1-23 skills.

Chaos Rift Viera[]

The entrance to this level 32 Chaos Rift is in the Black Mountain Path, right next door to the cluster of dungeons containing Rockthorn Gorge.

Known Challenges[]

  • Defeat the Orc Brothers and a bunch of their groupies. Each Brother is fought individually at first but will tag out when low on health. All three emerge for the finale. Landslide Krag has a new unavoidable move that forces all party members to dance as he slowly advances towards one of them before exploding.
  • Navigate a pass with several road blocks, which are cleared by destroying Sub Bosses. Normal monsters spawn endlessly until each road block is cleared.
  • Protect a skeletal Minotaur from waves of monsters. The Minotaur takes damage from the player's own attacks and its death will cause a damaging energy to flood the arena, after which it respawns.
  • Defeat the evil memory of Dragon Cultist Brother Jacob. He spends most of the battle pursuing the player character while surrounded by a damaging dark electricity. Twice during the battle he will replace himself with multiple clones and a group of monsters, which must be killed in 30 seconds or a damaging blast will fill the arena. After each of these spawns has been eliminated Jacob reappears in a stunned state.
  • Defeat the evil memory of the Dark Elf Queen Elena in both her original and Dark Scream forms. During both stages of the battle she can summon a number of clones that duplicate her HP and all her attacks. She retains the HP of the most damaged clone when they dissipate.
  • Defeat the evil memory of the Hobgoblin Brothers.


  • The boss fight is a party consisting of a Swordsman or a Mercenary, a Sharpshooter or an Acrobat, a Priest or a Paladin, and a Mystic or an Elementalist.
  • The Reward Chest contains Boss materials from Saint's Haven dungeons.
  • The reward lottery contains skill fragments for level 24-40 skills.
  • Landslide Krag's dance debuff can be mitigated by rapidly pressing the A and D keys and dodging out of his way.

Chaos Rift Padma[]

The entrance to this level 50 Chaos Rift is in the middle of Liverwort Marina, between the East Armory and Mutant Habitat dungeon entrances.

Known Challenges[]

  • Protect the Goddess statue from monsters attacking it.
  • Kill three waves of T'kala tribesmen
  • Navigate a hallway while killing mimics
  • Kill two Bishops. There will be occasional spawns of rogues.
  • Kill Punnisher Brass, while avoiding the laser cube attacks.
  • Kill three Sentinels while avoiding missiles fired by a Rune tiger


  • Boss fight party members are the same as Viera
  • The Reward Chest contains Boss materials from Lotus Marsh dungeons
  • The reward lottery contains skill fragments for level 45-60 skills.
  • There will occasionally be a shadow hero boss in the second stage. They are invulnerable, and will disappear when the second sage is completed.


  • When farming materials and skill fragments with a higher leveled character, using Final and Ultimate skills in succession at the beginning of the Boss battle may kill one or more Shadow Heroes and severely damage the rest, saving a great deal of time.
  • The loading screen shows the venue for the next challenge. As the challenges have specific venues this can aid mental preparation.
  • The Dimensional Rabbit in Viera will always warn the player when the Boss battle is next. Use this opportunity to drink potions before entering the door.
  • All three Chaos Rifts can also be accessed from the Garden of Eternity through a single portal near the Minotaur Nest entrance.