Dragon Nest Wiki
NPC Name Cleric Trainer Johan
Gender Male
Alliance Free Adventurer's League Free Adventurer's League.png
Occupation Cleric Trainer
Location Lotus Marsh

Johan is the cleric trainer of Lotus Marsh. He is a Native and a devoted cleric of the Goddess. Johan can be found with his face buried in a holy book. He seeks to spread the word of the Goddess to as many people as possible.


"Because the Goddess 'saved' him, it gives him the right to pass out lots of pamphlets and give you the stinkeye."

Johan is a Native and he claimed to have witnessed a miracle of the Goddess. From then on, he decided to join the clergy, became a Cleric, and changed his name. His fellow Natives disagreed with his decision but he believes that people of all races could live in harmony. His friend Katau still believes in Johan.

He heard that a pilgrim was passing through Lotus Marsh but was attacked by the Dragon Cultists. He requested the player to search for signs of their survival but to no avail. He then requested the player to defeat the leader of the Dragon Cultists, Bishop Hermaton.

Johan requested the player to deliver his medicine to other Natives at their home who were poisoned by the Dragon Cultists. They later discover that the Natives were turning into monsters due to the poisoning.


Unlock friendship with Johan by completing the quest Evidence of Miracle.