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Introduction[ | ]

Items can be crafted after the player completes the introductory quest for the starting town's Blacksmith NPC.

The true crafting system is actually very different from what the player is made to use during this quest:

  • All the Blacksmith brothers provide the full crafting menu (lower level items are hidden by default) containing the recipes for Rare and Epic items from level 16 onwards.
  • Dismantling weapons using the device from the introductory quest will subsequently produce Comet Dust and Geodes. Actual materials must be found in dungeons or bought from shops.
  • General Merchants only sell potions.

Crafting Basics[ | ]

Crafting is performed by talking to any Blacksmith and accessing his crafting menu. In order to craft an item players must have all the materials listed in its recipe.

Crafting operations can be roughly divided into four categories:

  • Adding a suffix to a weapon or an armor piece of Rare or Epic rarity, which improves its stats significantly and adds a special effect that happens with a certain probability. Enhanced equipment with revealed Hidden Abilities can be used without resetting; the Enhancements and Hidden Abilities will be retained through the crafting process. (Note: Non-dragon equipment obtained after March 29, 2014 cannot have a suffix crafted on them. Use Dragon Gems instead.)
  • Changing the prefix of an Epic rarity accessory, which grants stat bonuses and allows it to improve one skill by one level. Accessories with revealed Hidden Abilities can be used without resetting and the Hidden Abilities will be retained through the crafting process.
  • Refining Gift Items, gem Lustres and certain crafting materials to higher quality versions using Octagonal Water.
  • Creating a base (suffix-less) piece of Nest Boss equipment from its materials.

Once the player has all the listed materials, crafting can be performed for a fee in the menu itself. Many crafting operations have a 100% success rate but some do have a failure chance, so players should not rush through the confirmation window.

Materials[ | ]

Note: the recipe for any crafting operation is always available at the Blacksmith and can be checked at any time.

  • Suffix crafting requires:
    • A base weapon or armor piece.
    • Powders, Extracts or Crystals. Most recipes require at least one of these material types. Furthermore, Rare and Epic versions of each can only be used for their corresponding equipment rarity. Below is a full list, excluding those from the PVP shops:
      • Pakultos's (combined powder)
    • Magic and/or Rare enemy material drops. Crafting Rare equipment only needs the former while Epic crafting requires both.

  • Accessory prefix changing requires:
    • A base Epic accessory.
    • A certain number of Level 1-23 or Level 24-40 Skill Fragments from Chaos Rifts.

  • Refining gem Lustres, Gift Items and materials requires:
    • A certain number of the lower quality version of the item.
    • Octagonal Water.

  • Boss equipment production requires:
    • Epic Boss materials from Nests.