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Icon Name Passive/Active Description Prerequisites Req. Level
Crusader's Zeal.png
Crusader's Zeal Active Increases Magic Attack Strength in relation to STR and increases Physical Attack Power in relation to INT for a set duration. Hammer of Divinity Level 1 45
Goddess Relic +.png
Goddess Relic + Passive Enhance Goddess Relic skill to increase the attack range and damage. Goddess Relic Level 6 48
Judgment Hammer.png
Judgment Hammer Active Quickly throws a hammer that will pierce through the enemies and grow in size. As it grows, the hammer will increase in Attack Strength and Super Armor Piercing Power. Crusader's Zeal Level 1 50
Sacred Hammering +.png
Sacred Hammering + Passive Strengthens Sacred Hammering, increasing damage as well as causing the magic hammers to be launched straight ahead. Sacred Hammering Level 1
Goddess Relic Level 1
Charitable Zap +.png
Charitable Zap + Passive Strengthens Charitable Zap, increasing damage, range, and number of targets. Charitable Zap Level 1 60

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