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Cupid's Treasure Chest
Binds when obtained, NX Item
Stack: 20
Rarity: Unique
(Cannot be Traded)
Legend has it Cupid was a goblin who shot lovers in the face with arrows. Isn't it romantic?

Possible rewards: 2 Blue Raspberry Candies (7 days), 2 Sour Apple Candies (7 days), 2 Frosted Heart Cookies (7 days), 2 Chocolate Chunk Cookies (7 days), 1 Bashful Sweetheart Card, 1 Frilly Ribbon, 1 Decadent Brownie, 1 Strawberry Chocolate Pave, 1 Pink Rose Bouquet, 10 Rose Bouquets, 10 Mist Flower Perfumes, 10 Freesia Perfumes, 10 Sponge Cakes, 10 Freesia Bouquets, 10 Fruit Tarts, 3 Goddess Teardrops.
Sell Price: Cannot be sold.
Obtain Information
Dropped From: Received upon login during the valentine's event.