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Danger Dash

Danger Dash Loading Screen

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"Life is a sad, lonely thing, and we've enhanced and multiplied that misery in the Danger Dash! Outsmart traps within the time limit to reap rich rewards!"

Basic Information[ | ]

  • Level Requirement: Level 20 ~ 40
  • Party Limit: 1
  • Weekly Limit: 7
  • Minimum Tickets Awarded: 4

Details[ | ]

Players must complete the track within 4 minutes. Upon 1 minute remaining, a countdown will appear to notify you of the remaining time.

Part 1: Spike Traps
Destroy the three seal stones to open the sealed gate. Getting hit by the spike traps will result in you taking damage.

Part 2: Bombs
Click on all four switches. Being hit by the bombs thrown at you will result in you taking damage.

Part 3: Minotaur Guard
Destroy the seal stones without getting caught by the Minotaur Guard. If you walk within his circle, monsters will appear at the south door and attack you.
Tip: Don't mind the Minotaur guard or the monsters summoned by him. While players cannot hit the minotaur, he will disappear if his trap is activated and the monsters that appear in his stead are able to be killed. Breaking the seal stones makes all of the monsters disappear.

Part 4: Platforms
Jump only on the platforms specified. If the player jump onto the wrong platform, spikes will appear and knock him/her down. Players knocked down will be able to climb up to attempt this again after breaking a wooden barricade.

Part 5: Hurricanes
Activate the protection stones while avoiding the hurricanes. Being hit by the hurricanes will knock you up and deal damage to you. It's possible to be trapped by them.
Tip: The hurricanes move in an altered pattern. When one hurricane is at the north, the hurricanes beside it will be at the south.