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The Daredevil Faire (also known as the Carnival or Wonderful Theme Park) is located in a portal at Carderock Pass to the west of Kevin or in Saint's Haven. In it, you may participate in activities outside of dungeons which require no empowerment.

Daredevil Faire

Daredevil Faire Loading Screen

Carderock Pass Stages[ | ]

Gobarta[ | ]

Gobartan Goblin2

"300 tough Gobarta Goblins are headed to Ghormopylae! Fight against them if you have the courage!"

Level Requirement: Level 10 ~ 31
Party Limit: 1
Weekly Limit: 7
In this stage, you must defeat 300 Gobarta Goblins and then fight the goblin boss, Goblinidas. A mob of 30 goblins is spawned in the beginning with more goblins spawning to replace fallen ones. Monsters may occasionally drop food on the floor such as Tasty Meat, to replenish health and/or mana.
Daredevil Prize Tickets (Carderock): 6May vary?

Treasure Run[ | ]

Treasure Run

"An ancient Treasure Storage lies somewhere inside the Silent Cloister. You'll battle the monsters in order the treasures hidden inside. No risk! No return!! Challenge yourself today!!"

Party Limit: 4
Weekly Limit: 7
Daredevil Prize Tickets (Carderock): 12

Danger Dash[ | ]

Danger Dash

"Life is a rough road that you must travel alone. Make it through the Rough Road full of various traps within 4 minutes. Your suffering will yield much fruit."

Level Requirement: Level 20 ~ 40
Party Limit: 1
Weekly Limit: 7

Daredevil Derby[ | ]

Level Requirement: Level 10 ~ 40
Party Limit: 4
In this, players equip a mount and race around a track. During the race, you will come across carrots which may increase or decrease your mount's speed temporarily- the effect that occurs is random. At the end of the race, depending on how you placed, you will receive a Daredevil Derby Box that you may open for items, and everyone will get 10 Daredevil Prize Tickets.

Boss Rush (Carderock)[ | ]

Boss Rush

Level Requirement: Level 24 ~ 39
Party Limit: 1
Weekly Limit: 7

Boss Rush (IW/MR)[ | ]

Boss Rush

Level Requirement: Level 10 ~ 23
Party Limit: 1
Weekly Limit: 7

Saint's Haven Stages[ | ]

Gobersian Goblin[ | ]

Gobersian Goblin

"Yesterday's friend is today's enemy! That is the charm of life! This time, fight along side 500 Gobersian Goblins to defeat Gobxes."

Level Requirement: Level 32 ~ 40

Krag's Counterattack[ | ]

Orc Kim's Counterattack

"Orc Kim is coming to attack Saint's Haven alongside his fellow orcs to take his revenge. Defend Saint's Haven from the brutal orcs and protect the soliders of Saint's Haven."

Seasonal Stages[ | ]

These dungeons are open only during a seasonal event.

Santa Orc's Escape Path[ | ]

"Head to the Daredevil Faire to conquer the newest stage and add even more gifts to your enormous pile! Enter Santa Orc’s Escape Path and take out Dunce Cap Goblins, Roochumdorfs, and the elusive impostor Santa Orc to take back the stolen Santa Orc’s Gift Pouches."

Time limit: 5 min

Rewards[ | ]

Upon finishing a stage, you will be rewarded with a number of Daredevil Prize Tickets depending on your performance. These may be traded to either Magician Frederick, located in Carderock Pass, or Magician Sanders, located in Saint's Haven at the Daredevil Faire for Lustres, Gifts and pouches containing lustres or gifts.

Please take note that the Daredevil Faire in Saint's Haven gives out Daredevil Prize Ticket (Saint's Haven) while the one in Carderock Pass gives out Daredevil Prize Ticket (Carderock). The Saint's Haven coupons may be exchanged to become Carderock Pass coupons, but the opposite cannot occur.

Magician Frederick's Store[ | ]

Magician Sander's Store[ | ]