Dragon Nest Wiki
Icon Name Passive/Active Description Prerequisites Req. Level
Shadow Euphoria.png
Sadism Pleasure Active Grant a buff to all friendly characters, allowing them to recover HP based on damage dealt. Also increases Dark elemental damage. Phantom Avenger Level 1 45
Phantom Claw +.png
Phantom Claw + Passive Strengthen Phantom Claw, increasing damage. Also changes the 3rd and 4th claw to launch enemies. Phantom Claw Level 6 47
Chaos Formation Active Conjure several explosions of dark magic to damage enemies in a large area ahead of the Dark Summoner. Launches enemies at the end. Sadism Pleasure Level 1 50
Chain Claw +.png
Chain Claw + Passive After casting Chain Claw, click the special attack mouse button to conjure another claw to launch enemies. Chain Claw + can also be cast in air by pressing the Jump button. Chain Claw Level 1
Phantom Claw + Level 1
Revenge Hand +.png
Revenge Hand + Passive Strengthen Revenge Hand, increasing damage and action speed. The explosion deals 3 hits. Revenge Hand Level 1 60