Dragon Nest Wiki
NPC Name David
Gender Male
Alliance No Alliance No Alliance.png
Occupation Adventurer
Location Unknown

David is also known as The Legendary David, David the Hero, David the All Mighty, David The Great or even David, The Legendary Hero and many more, all self-attributed by himself. He often sends mails to players and provides players with commissions (mainly the Hero's Road commission set).

David first makes himself known to the player by sending a mail upon reaching level 5. The player can first meet David at Forest Sanctuary when Argenta asks the player to retrieve a bouquet of flowers. In the chain of quests that Argenta offers, David will always appear to the player as a guide to complete the quest. He also knows a lot about the quest and provides information to complete the quest or simply providing the very quest item that the player is looking for.

Eventually, David is revealed to be a scheming conniver. He was taking commissions from the NPCs around Carderock Pass that sends him to the same places as the player. He takes advantage of the player's ability to defeat monsters to accomplish his own goals. As he rides on the player's efforts, the furthers his own reputation while defaming the player. He was later injured by the Manticore Saslavan. The player then saves him and brings him to Argenta and pleads her to heal him. Argenta reluctantly agrees to heal him and takes him as her slave in the player's stead.

As Argenta's slave, his main duty is to cook food and do menial tasks for Argenta. David is madly in love with her though she mostly ignores him.


David can simply be described as being full of himself. He is extremely arrogant and delusional about his ability as an adventurer. He is able to talk up a storm about his abilities and he is always able to find an excuse to shirk the responsibility of actual combat onto the player, himself having no combat abilities whatsoever.