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Merchant Delilah.png
NPC Name Delilah
Gender Female
Alliance No Alliance No Alliance.png
Occupation Merchant
Location Ironwood Village

Delilah runs the general store in Ironwood Village, and sells health and mana potions. She will also purchase unneeded equipment and repair damaged items. She also seems to sell poochums, as Dorin bought his off her, but this option is not available to players. Delilah is also said to sell dragonite fragments, but this has not been observed so far.


Delilah has a long-standing crush on Captain Steve, although nothing's come of it yet. She obsesses over him at all times, and even as she worries about Rose, she's more interested in how Steve will save the day, as well as interested in making the Captain notice her, going as far to try to use the influence of love potions.

Delilah is also a terrible cook. This is evidenced by the fact her results make poochums foam at the mouth.



"Steve will save Rose in no time." ~ chat start

"Steve's in a good mood today." ~ chat start

"Just wait, Steve will save her." ~ chat end

"Please, take care of yourself." ~ chat end

"What would you like?" ~ trade access

"Let me know if I can help you." ~ trade access