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Archer Master Diana.png
NPC Name Diana
Gender Female
Alliance Free Adventurer's League Free Adventurer's League.png
Occupation Archer Skill Trainer
Location Ironwood Village

Diana is an elf, a Silver Crescent archer, an archer trainer, and a member of the Adventurer's League. She had been ordered to Ironwood Village to assist the militia, in addition to training herself for upcoming battles against monsters including dragons.

Diana gives archers access to their skill trees. It is important to note that she does not give access to the tutorial; the player must see Elder Harold for that.


Diana is similar in principle to a cleric, in that she wish to fight for righteousness than for more personal reasons, and is willing to brutally slaugher all that practice evil.


"Mirrenolen." ~ chat start

"Our enemies must die so we may find peace..." ~ chat start

"Lenala!" ~ chat end

"I will fight until our enemies are dust!" ~ chat end

"I have much to teach you." ~ skill tree access

"Do you wish to improve your archery?" ~ skill tree access