Dragon Nest Wiki
NPC Name Dorin
Gender Male
Alliance No Alliance No Alliance.png
Occupation Blacksmith
Location Ironwood Village

Dorin is the blacksmith in Ironwood Village, selling wares of acceptable quality to adventurers stopping by, as well as repairing, enhancing, or buying items players may have.

He bought his poochums from Delilah, and seems to be in constant conflict with her about the quality of their labor.


Dorinhad never truly wanted to have the profession, nor was he ever good at it, but pride in the family legacy and a rivalry with his brother Borin in Mana Ridge kept him from leaving it. Dorin also has a tendency to leave things unfinished, though luckily this never occurs in any of the player's interactions with him.

Dorin is repoachful of his poochums, and thinks they do not work good enough. He cares very little for them, as he force-fed them, multiple times, Delilah's "remedies", the first of which left them foaming at the mouth. The ultimate fate of the poochums after the second attempt is unknown.

Dorin is also pompous, "teaching" players how to open bags to receive rewards only as a show of superiority. When an expensive weapon pops up, however, the blacksmith is shown to be quite vain, trying to make a name for himself by remaking the weapon, and in the process teaching the player how to extract. The effect is not as he desired and he ends up making a weapon that the creator's name, he asks the player to never reveal.



"Dumb dogs! Look away for a second and they slack off." ~ chat start

"Nice weather today!" ~ chat start

"As long as I'm alive, the fire in the kiln will never go out!" ~ chat end

"Don't listen to them! I'm the best blacksmith around!" ~ chat end

"My stuff's the best for adventurers!" ~ trade access

"You got a good eye." ~ trade access


Later in the game the White Rose takes him to Desolation Point several times and he somehow brings his hammer and anvil with him.