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NPC Name Duke Stewart
Gender Male
Alliance Cassius Palace Cassius Palace.png
Occupation Duke
Location Saint's Haven

Descendant of King Peter who founded Saint's Haven. Uncle of King Cassius III. Serves as an adviser to King Cassius III. Has some friction between him and General Duglas.
Harbors deep-seeded jealousy knowing that the Knight-King Cassius is far more popular than King Peter and that his family is no longer the ruling family.

In Chapter 5: Guardian Gerrant, Duke Stewart wishes to honor Gerrant's contributions towards the kingdom of Cassius. He offers a Knight's Certificate to officiate Gerrant as a knight of Cassius. He also commissions Belin to craft an enormous statue of the Gold Dragon, much to Belin's dismay.


To befriend Duke Stewart, you must finish the quest Business of the Humans.

Gifting Stewart raises Aversion for Lena and General Duglas, and raises Fondness for King Cassius III.

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