Elemental Lord


Gender: Female "Elementalists are the queens of elemental magic and can create walls of ice, poison pits, flame trails and more as they take ultimate control of the battlefield. Although Elementalists have the disadvantage of lower health, they more than compensate with their ultimate damage. When in doubt, let an Elementalist “divide and conquer” the battlefield for you!"

When it comes to depleting enemies' HP as quickly as possible a decently geared Elementalist has no equal in PVP or PVE. Their shield spells also give them better durability than might be expected of a spell-caster, making them a challenge for many classes (including other Elementalists). Their main drawback is their relative lack of mobility skills compared to other classes (besides the Paladin the Priest and the Sharpshooter) but this can be overcome with a good sense of positioning.


  • Nearly all of their skills inflict damage over a massive area
  • Able to inflict upon various elemental status effects
  • Uses Fire and Ice elemental magic.

The Elementalist is a subclass of the Sorceress class. The Elementalist controls the power of fire and ice. Some say that the Elementalist is the second most powerful character next to the Mercenary.