Gender: Female "Elestra is the true Ice Queen and masters of Ice magic. Not only they can almost always freeze opponents, they also can do ice stacking which would cause high damage to enemies when they start comboing. Because of this ability, elestras are one of the most wanted classes for nesting for their ice stacking ability that causes high damage.

They are also given new ice skills which make them more deadly for their ice stacking which are:

  • Icy Shard EX = Enhances your Icy Shards in terms of damage and distance. It summons a series of ice shars and at the tip will summon a gigantic sword.
  • Freezing Field EX = Enhances you Freezing Field in terms of damage, Area Of Effect (AOE) and the distance of the field being summoned. It also has a freezing chance effect.
  • Ice Barrier = When casted, your character will have a protective ice barrier for a certain duration which will absorb a specific amount of damage taken. Once the shield reached its limit/time, it will explode not only damage, but also freezes nearby enemies.

  • Frozen Spikes EX = Enhances your Frozen Spikes in terms of damage, double the distance and double the spikes summoned. It also explodes to add more damage.
  • Ice Sphere = Summons an ice ball that shoots out ice spears. It also has a high chance freeze rate and is a good skill for ice stacking. 


Dragon Nest - Freezing Spike EX

Dragon Nest - Freezing Spike EX

Elestra using Freezing Spikes EX


  • More chances to freeze enemies
  • Can ice stack
  • More durable due to ice barrier

Elestra is one of the final sub-class stage of the sorceress class from the elementalist.