Dragon Nest Wiki
Icon Name Passive/Active Description Prerequisites Req. Level
Ice Barrier.png
Ice Barrier Active Cast Ice shield to protect yourself. Blows up to freeze nearby enemies when durability of Ice shield becomes 0 or duration expires. Blizzard Level 1 45
Icy Shards +.png
Icy Shards + Passive Reinforces Icy Shards and raises a row of ice spikes to the front. A gigantic ice sword will be summoned at the end. Icy Shards Level 6 48
Frost Chaos.png
Frost Chaos Active Summons an ice ball which shoots out ice spikes that will freeze the enemies. Ice Barrier Level 1 50
Ice Cold Field +.png
Ice Cold Field + Passive Strengthens Ice Cold Field, increasing damage, AoE size, and frost debuff duration. Ice Cold Field Level 1
Icy Shards Level 1
Frozen Spikes +.png
Frozen Spikes + Passive Strengthens Frozen Spikes, increasing damage, and summons and additional 2 spikes ahead of the first. The 3 spikes will explode after a while. Frozen Spikes Level 1 60

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