At level 15 Tinkerers may become Engineers. Engineers command a vast arsenal of rockets, turrets, and robots to deal damage and control the battlefield. In addition to direct-damage skills, the Engineer can also bolster Alfredo, transforming the robo-butler into the ultimate bodyguard.


Super Ball Cannon Blaster Rocket Crash Quack Crash
Lock and Load Alfredo Smash Gravity Grenade Quack Shock
Chemical Grenade Piping Hot Alfredo Gatling Quacker Quack Patrol
Make It Rain Alfredo Tank Cannon Quackum Kami-quackum
Chemical Warfare Alfredo Tornado Frost Quacker Mechanic Mode
Bullet Barrage Flashbang The Quackus

Class BranchEdit

42px-Engineer Icon
43px-Gear Master Icon
Gear Master
39px-Shooting Star Icon
Shooting Star