Dragon Nest Wiki
NPC Name Fergus
Gender Male
Alliance Free Adventurer's League Free Adventurer's League
Occupation None
Location Crystal Stream or the Tutorial

Fergus' primary location is at Crystal Stream, where he keeps an eye out for monsters and observes them.

Fergus is a member of the Adventurer's League

Fergus also appears at the end of the tutorial dungeon given out by Elder Harold, Cleric Trainer Leonard, or Sorceress Trainer Cynthia, depending on the character's class. He simply offers a word of advice about chests.

Personality[ | ]

Fergus seems to be quite adept at sneaking around, as he had been able to watch Red Gale and Dark Elves undetected. However, his methods may be questionable, considering his vantage point from which he watched the elves was inside a laundry basket, which Adeline quickly derides as "unnecessary".

Quotes[ | ]

"Shh! We cannot give away our position." ~ chat start

"I was waiting for you." ~ chat start

"I'll stay, and keep watch here." ~ chat end

"Watch your back." ~ chat end