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Is fishing really fun?


Fishing is a Secondary Skill which can be performed at Fishing Holes on the Public Farm portion of Old Maury's Farm. An image of a Fishing Hole marker is shown at right, and fishing is performed on the docks beside the marker. The skill is used primarily to catch Fish, which are further used during Cooking. Old Pouches can also be acquired, which hold a variety of items.
Fishing Hole.png

Obtaining the Skill[]

The player can fish after the completion of Irine's Farming for Fun and Profit quest.


Additionally, the player must possess a Fishing Rod as well as Worms for bait, both of which can be purchased from Maury on Maury's Farm. Each attempt at fishing consumes one worm, regardless of the outcome; the fishing rod is indestructible.

How to Fish[]

Fishing can be performed from the docks of one of 4 fishing holes on the Public Farm. Each fishing hole offers different fishes for the player to catch.

To fish, access the Skills page, and choose Secondary Skills from the options on the left. Click Fish to begin fishing.

Manual Fishing.png

Once fishing begins, a pop-up menu appears with which the player can choose to either Manual Fish or Auto Fish by selecting the appropriate option; the default setting is to Manual Fish. If the player chooses to auto fish, then fishing will occur continuously without any input needed from the player until all worms are consumed, or until there is no more inventory space left; however, each attempt will take 45 seconds. If the player chooses to manually fish, then with input from the player the fishing time can be reduced to 30 seconds. During manual fishing, two status bars are displayed: the top bar is a yellow progress bar which when completely filled permits the player to reel in; the bottom bar fills up repeatedly and indicates when user input is required via a section of the bar in which the progress indicator turns from blue to red, as shown in the picture above. The longer the status bar hovers in the red region, the faster the progress of the fishing. The user can cause the status bar to recede by pressing the left mouse button, and allow it to refill by releasing the button. Once the yellow bar is filled, then the player can reel in by pressing the right mouse button.


The player begins at basic level 1 fishing and acquires proficiency points for each attempt. 160 proficiency is gained when a fish is successfully caught, regardless of the rarity of the fish, while 10 proficiency is gained when an attempt fails. 216,000 proficiency points are required to gain a level, meaning that 1,350 successful attempts are required to level up. There is currently nothing gained by unlocking additional fishing levels.