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The Garden of Eternity was created by Pontiff Teram and the Priestesses of Darkness from leftover dream fragments of Althea and knowledge of the Ancients. The Garden is shielded from the rules of the outside world so all Nests sealed by Gerrant as well as Chaos Rifts can be reached by the Garden's portals. The portals were made to keep tabs on the Nests' seals. When one breaks, its portal opens. Priestess Madeline watches over the Garden and informs the player of new Nests. It is accessible from Saint's Haven's central tower. This is also the only way to access all level 50+ nests.

Garden of Eternity[ | ]

Lv. 60 Garden of Eternity[ | ]

Serves the same purpose as the lower level Garden, but contains exclusively 60 cap content.

Note: Only one of the False Base nests are open from Monday to Friday. They are not open during the weekends.

Lv. 70 Garden of Eternity[ | ]