Dragon Nest Wiki
NPC Name General Duglas
Gender Male
Alliance Cassius Palace Cassius Palace.png
Occupation General of the Royal Army
Location Saint's Haven

The respected General of the Cassius Army. Duglas has unquestioning loyalty to the royal family and the kingdom.
Adopted Lena after her parents were killed by Dragon Followers. Treats Lena very well like his own daughter.

In Chapter 5: Guardian Gerrant, Duglas notices that his soldiers who participated in the raid on Velskud's fortress are suffering from an unknown illness. He suspects that the illness is related to the Black Dragon and requests Isillien's aid.

Isillien confirms the General's suspicions and commissions the player to help her develop a cure.

Later, Duglas relays his soldiers message to the player saying that they noticed Bishop Ignacio heading towards Tomb of Spite.

Duglas is a big fan of Seliana and his Friendship Item is a book about her.


To befriend General Duglas, you must finish the quest Meeting the Lady.

Gifting Duglas raises Aversion for Duke Stewart and Lady Kaylinn, and Fondness for Lena and King Cassius III.