Gestures are social actions that a player's avatar performs. Available gestures can be accessed in the Inventory window under the Gesture tab. Gestures can be assigned to the out-of-combat hotkey bar and performed by pressing the associated hotkey.

List of Gestures

  • Laugh: "Laugh out loud."
  • Wave: "Wave hello."
  • Tantrum: "Throw a tantrum." (Level Req: 2+)
  • Cry: "Cry." (Level Req: 2+)
  • Sit: "Sit down." (Level Req: 4+)
  • Agree: "Agree with someone." (Level Req: 6+)
  • Disagree: "Disagree with someone." (Level Req: 6+)
  • Dance 1: "Dance to the rhythm of your own drum." (Level Req: 8+)
  • Dance 2: "Shake your booty." (Level Req: 8+)

Gesture Chat Triggers

By typing a certain word in chat while out of combat, a gesture will be triggered.

  • Laugh: "haha", "hehe"
  • Wave: "hello" or "hi"
  • Tantrum: "argh"
  • Cry: ":(" or "T_T" or sniff
  • Sit: "sit" "ngentoood"
  • Ngewe:mmpshsh ahh
  • Agree: "yes", "yeah", "okay" or "yup"
  • Disagree: "nope","nono"
  • Dance 1: "dance"
  • Dance 3: "abracadabra"
  • Take jump photo: jump
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