Dragon Nest Wiki

Glossary of Dragon Nest terms go here in alphabetical order.


  • ABN/Arch: Archbishop Nest
  • Academic: Tinkerer class name used in server that other than NA Server
  • ACL: Astral Coven Laboratory - popular grinding spot for lvl 16-24
  • Acro: Acrobat
  • Agi: Agility. Affects Ranged Physical Damage, Critical Chance and Critical Resist.
  • Aggro: Aggravation. Refers to how likely the monster will attack the player. The player with the highest aggro will be the target of the monster's attack.
  • Alch: Alchemist
  • Auction/Auction House/AH: The Marketplace.
  • AoE: Area of Effect. A skill that can hit multiple things at once. Dragon Nest does not use a targeting system, so nearly all attacks can hit more than one monster.
  • Apo/Apoc: Apocalypse Nest or items related to the boss.
  • Atk: Refers to Physical Damage or an elemental damage multiplier (eg. Fire Attk)


  • "B>": "Buying this item here". The Greater Than sign is used as an arrow to point to the item.
  • Bag: Inventory.
  • BL/Blacklist: A list of skills that players have agreed not to use in 1v1 PvP matches outside of Ladder or Wipeout modes.
  • BO: "Best Offer". The highest price a buyer is willing to pay for an item or the highest offer received by a seller during the selling period.
  • Boots: General term for all footwear.
  • BSD/Domain: Black Sovereign Domain
  • Bottom: General term for all lower body equipment (not footwear).
  • Build: The way skills are leveled for the character.
  • Buff: Positive status effect. Also refers to an increase in a skill's damage or effectiveness.
  • Buffer: Character with many Skill Points in Buff skills.


  • "10c": "Ten Copper", a "c" at the end of a number signifies Copper, which is a denomination of Dragon Nest's currency.
  • Cash Item: Items from the Dragon Vault.
  • Cap: A set limit to stats or level. Currently, the level cap is 80.
  • CDN/cDN: Chinese Dragon Nest - popular version where many players try out content unreleased in the North American or SEA version.
  • Cerb: Cerberus Nest or items related to the boss.
  • Ch: Server channel, e.g. 'Ch 1'
  • Clean: No Enhancements, Hidden Abilitiess, prefixes or suffixes. Wealthier player often buy clean items to have better control over their upgrades.
  • Closing Offer: Buyer's offer that results in an immediate sale. Lower offers may result in negotiation or rejection. Also written as c/o.
  • Corrupt: Short for Corrupted. Refers to Titan-related items or drops.
  • Crit: Critical rating.
    • Crit cap: The maximum critical rate allowed in this game. Currently, it is 89% or 17800 critical at 50 cap.
  • Crus: Crusader


  • Debuff: Negative status effect.
  • Def/Pdef: Physical Defense
  • Deso: Desolation Point
  • DPS: Damage per Second. Refers to how much damage is done over time, or a class this excels in dealing damage (usually an Elementalist, Engineer, Lunar Knight, or a Warden).
  • Duel: 1v1 PvP.
  • Dun/Dung: Dungeon.



  • FD: Final Damage - a powerful but expensive damage multiplier.



  • Hat/Helm: General term for all headgear.
  • HP: Hit Points. Refers to the character's health.


  • Imba: Short for imbalanced. Often, but not necessarily interchangeable with "OP". Refers to when a skill/character is too powerful to compete with other skills/characters.
  • Int: Intellect. Affects Magic Damage, Magic Defense and Max MP.
  • Inv: Inventory.



  • KDN/kDN: Korean Dragon Nest



  • Manti: Manticores, typically the Manticore Nest boss and its signature drops.
  • Matk/Mdmg/Mag: Magic damage.
  • Merc: Mercenary
  • ML: Short for Moonlord, the name used to refer to Lunar Knight overseas
  • Mob: Shorthand for Monster
  • Mod: Refers to
    • Moderator
    • Game modification (Note: Game modifications are currently against the ToS and may be illegal)
  • Mdef: Magic defense.
  • Mino: Minotaur Nest. Also refers to the creature, Minotaur.
  • MP: Mana or Magic Points. Less commonly refers to Magic Power, a weapon suffix.
  • MT: Main Tank. Usually a Paladin.


  • NADN/DN NA: Dragon Nest North America
  • Neck: General term for all necklaces.
  • Nerf: Reduction of a skills damage or effectiveness.
  • Nesting: Refers to when a player is running a nest for the purpose of obtaining crafting materials to either make equipment for self or for profit.
  • NONR: "No Offer No Reply". Seller will reject any message or trade that doesn't immediately offer a buying price. Usually used when selling high demand items.
  • NPC: Non Player Character.
  • NX: The cash currency used in the North American version of Dragon Nest. Derived from the publisher's name; Nexon.


  • OBO: "Or Best Offer". Tells a buyer that this person is willing to negotiate the price.
  • Offhand: Refers to the secondary weapon.
  • OP: Overpowered. Used to describe skills that gives the caster a greater advantage over their opponent.


  • Pala/Pally: Paladin
  • Patk/Pdmg/Phys: Physical Damage.
  • PKN: Professor K Nest
  • PM: Private Message, i.e. Whisper ('/w')
  • Potential: Hidden Abilities.
  • Proc: A crafted weapon's Equip Ability
  • PvE/PvM: Player vs Environment/Monster. Refers to when the player is fighting against AI-controlled monsters.
  • PvP: Player vs Player. Refers to when the player is fighting against another human-controlled player.


  • Questing: A leveling method in which a player uses quests to gain EXP. Slower than grinding, but allows the player to enjoy the storyline and obtain more items.


  • "R>":"Recruiting for this guild". Used to find members to join a guild. The Greater Than sign is used as an arrow.
  • Raid: Eight member party that can be formed under certain circumstances. Currently only used for the Sea Dragon Nest.
  • Res: Resistance.
  • Rez: Resurrection using Life Stones or Resurrection Scrolls. The latter use is more common as players usually do not inform others when resurrecting themselves.
  • Runner: Term used by Black Sovereign Assembly grinding parties, referring to characters who can rush ahead of the party to kill drummers before they trigger map changes. Usually a Warrior or Acrobat. Also refers to a player who refuses to fight an opponent in a PvP match.
  • Rush: First-come-first-serve basis, typically without negotiation.
  • RV: Ruined Village


  • "10s": 1. "Ten Silver". A "s" and the end of a number signifies Silver, which is a currency. 2 "Ten Seconds".
  • "S>": "Selling this item here". The Greater Than sign is used as an arrow to point to the item.
  • SEA/DNSEA: South East Asia Dragon Nest
  • SM: Swordsman (Sword Master for servers that other than NA and EU Server)
  • SS: Refers to:
  • Sorc: Sorceress
  • Stack: Maximum number of an item that can fit in a single inventory slot. Active traders usually sell consumables in stacks.
  • Str: Strength. Affects Melee Physical Damage, Paralyze Chance, Paralyze Resist and Stun Chance.
  • Suffix: Refers to the craft an equipment has (eg. Ancient Totem Axe (Windswept)). This modifies stats an equipment has. It can be reverted using a Suffix Revert Cube.
    • Suffix 2/Suffix II: Refers to an additional suffix added to suffixed equipment (eg. Ancient Totem Axe (Wind II)). Consequently, the original suffix is called Suffix 1/Suffix I


  • T3: The previous skill system used in NADN and SEA until August 2012.
  • T4: The current skill system in place since August 2012.
  • Tank: The party member who holds aggro from monsters. Usually a Paladin, but a Mercenary can also fill in for this role.
  • Tink: Tinkerer
  • TKN: Typhoon Krag Nest
  • Top: General term for all upper body equipment.
  • Totem: Short for Ancient Totem. Refers to Archbishop-related items or drops.




  • "WTB>": Willing to Buy. Alternative form of "B>"
  • "WTS>": Willing to Sell. Alternative form of "S>"
  • Weap: Weapon.
  • WW: Windwalker