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Happy Box
Binds when obtained
Rarity: Unique
Your reward for the login event. Aren't you happy?
Sell Price: Cannot be sold
Obtain Information
Dropped From: Obtained by being logged in for 30-minute intervals during the 2 Year Anniversary Event.

Drop Rate[]

Please add your results of opening Happy Boxes here.

Item #
Spectacular Firecrackers 6
Dream Quick MP Gain Potion (2) 6
Resurrection Scroll 9
Pretty Firecrackers 2
Super Defense Potion (2) 4
Fancy Firecrackers 3
Dreamy Quick HP Gain Potion (2) 5
Super Attack Potion 3
Dreamy Approval Stamp (5) 3
Dreamy Item Protection Magic Jelly (10) 1
Total: 42