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Here you will find links to help pages created to help new wiki editors learn the basics as well as teach experienced editors a new thing or two. If you have any questions concerning the help pages please join our IRC Chat here and ask for help!

Getting Started

You can start by either Logging in or Making a New Account. Creating an account allows you to have your own user page in which you can experiment with templates and much more!
Once you've logged in, you can edit your user page.

Creating a New Page

Creating a new page is simple! If you want to create a new page that isn't already on the site, then first you must check the search bar. Type in the name of what you wish to create and see if any entries appear. If there are no results, you should see a red "Create this page" link to the right of your search.
However sometimes it may not appear and you will need to use your address bar. You can simply create a page by typing in:

http://www.dragonnestwiki.com/Name_Of_Your_Entry (The _ character will represent spaces in the name.)

A page should be created for you, from which you can edit. Be careful, though this method is fast and to the point, you may be creating an entry that already exists but with a different name. Please use your search bar first before creating a new page! When in doubt, please join our IRC Chat here and ask first!


Editing is very important in a wiki. But, once you save a page it will be available for everyone to see, always keep that in mind! Information on editing is listed in this editing page.
Also remember that, if your page has a template in it, you can find out how to use the template to its template page. To get there, you can put in "Template:templatenamehere" into the searchbox and search (template name is after the two squiggly brackets {{ ), or you can click the link(s) provided underneath the "save changes" button while editing.
When in doubt, feel free to ask for help on our IRC Chat.


To redirect a page to another page, type the following in the page that's being redirected:
#REDIRECT [[page you're redirecting to]]
If a page is being redirected to a category, you put in something a little different:
#REDIRECT [[:Category:pagename]]
Note the colon before "Category"; if you don't place it there, it will categorize the page you're redirecting into the category you're trying to redirect to, which creates a loopback link.

Uploading Images

To the left, underneath the Dragon Nest Wiki logo, there will be many links. One of them, located underneath the "Toolbox" heading, is the "Upload file" link, and that's where you can upload images! Select a file from your computer, and if applicable, name it and/or enter a description.
Note that pictures are especially more prone to rules, so please make sure you read that first!


Organizing pages is VERY important. Every page belongs in a category. To view every category currently available simply search for "Category:" using the search box at the top right corner of any page. If you feel like the page you created should go in a different category that is not already made or are confused as to which category a page belongs to please join our IRC Chat here and ask for help!

Recent Changes

This is the only place where stalking is not just legal, it's welcome! Everything is better off with a second look through, whether it be for formatting or confirming information. Spelling and grammar checkers, especially, can really make a difference by using this to make sure the newest information is presentable.


If all else fails, you can still contribute by putting your information to the Infodump!


Not sure how things should be formatted? Need a list of rules related to how Wiki pages and templates should look? Make sure you read over the Help:Guidelines page!


Help:Policy is a great place to learn the rules and policies that every user and editor must adhere to! Please make sure you read over the policy page before you do anything that may warrant a ban!