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Here you will learn how things should be formatted and get a clearer image of what we're looking for in this Wiki. By following these guidelines, maintaining consistency throughout the site will be much easier for everyone and will, hopefully, decrease the number of questions asked -- as well as any confusion one may encounter.


Please refrain from using profanity on the wiki, unless used within a direct quotation.

North American English Please![]

To avoid conflict, it is recommended that all English on this wiki is written in North American English instead of Queen's English.

  • Example:
    • Favorite, not favourite.
    • Color, not colour.
    • Armor, not Armour

Writing Perspective[]

In order to keep information straight forward and not opinionated, please avoid writing in first-person on content pages. This does not include talk pages!

  • Example:
    • Correct Format: Players are given 60 minutes to complete the battle.
    • Incorrect Format: You're given 60 minutes to complete the battle.

Rumors and Unofficial Information[]

All information should come directly from Nexon and Dragon Nest, rumors are discouraged. This does not apply to future content which comes from other versions of Dragon Nest.

  • Example:
    • "In the future characters will be able to transform into huge magical aliens."
    • Unless Nexon, EYEDENTITY GAMES, or Dragon Nest states that we will indeed be able to transform into magical aliens, do not post it anywhere on this wiki!


When using numbers on a page, please make sure they are formatted like this: ####.

  • Not # ### or #,###.
  • Example:
    • At rank 5, Skill X does 1500 Damage.

Comments, Talk Pages, and Discussion Pages[]

Use the talk pages for:

  • Disputing information.
  • Asking for advice.
  • Asking for information to be placed (on protected pages).
  • Anything else generally concerning improving the page.
  • Reason:
    • Edit wars can get pretty nasty.

Sign all comments you make on talk and discussion pages by typing four tildes ( ~~~~ )!

  • Reason:
    • It's tedious going through the page history just to find out who wrote what.
    • It's easier to respond to someone if you know who said it.


First, make sure you're not uploading a double!

Please name images correctly!

  • Reason:
    • This makes searching an image a whole lot easier.

Please upload images as .PNG files. If a file is really big, you may upload it as a .JPG / .JPEG file.

  • Reason:
    • PNG files typically compress better than GIF files.
    • Transparency!

Tips on getting better quality:

  • For the sake of quality, it is recommended taking a screenshot of the screen outside the game (By pressing the [Print Screen] button) and then pasting it in an image application (like Paint).
  • Reason:
    • Screenshots made in-game lose a lot of quality when being processed into a JPG file.

NPC Images[]

NPC Images are simply that: Images taken of an NPC in-game. At some point, someone may decide to post a rendered version, but that's just a novelty. Rules that affect NPC images are as follows:

  • Get a frontal view of the NPC.
  • No explicit content in the image.
    • We don't need to see Irine's you-know-whats, nor do we need Player X's profanity.
  • Try to limit the number of players in the screenshot.
  • Crop them so that the majority of the screenshot is of the NPC.
  • No player names should be in the screenshot.

While it may be difficult to follow, these are general guidelines. There may be hundreds of players in towns, so trying to get a picture of Dorin without anything in it might as well be impossible! So, to the best of your abilities. If you post it, at least someone might decide to find a rendered version, now knowing what the NPC looks like!


Rather than typing or copy-and-pasting the same code over and over again, we have templates. Users typically get to do whatever they want in regards to making templates, but please ask yourself the following questions when making templates:

  • Is it easy to understand?
    • Will other editors be able to understand your template(s) and its variable(s)? Do you understand it?!
    • Can you look at it without feeling a headache? If no, that might be the time to break it into sections by adding spaces or paragraph breaks.
  • How useful is the template you're making?
    • Is your template ever going to be used? Does it serve any real purpose? As much as we appreciate your effort, making templates for no reason will just waste your time, as well as our space.

If you're unsure about something in regards to your template, please join our IRC Chat here and ask for help!!

The following colors are acceptable for template usage:


Use dark colors sparingly!