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Icewind Valley Loading Screen.jpg
Dungeon Name Icewind Valley
Location Frost Hill
Level Range 1 ~ 3
Difficulties Available Easy, Normal, Hard, Master
Number of Rooms 3

A chilled valley with plenty of ruins. Called Frost Wind Valley in SEA version.

Dungeon Summary

• Easy •

Recommended Level 1
Recommended Party Size 1
EXP Gained EXP.png
Money Reward 0 Gold.png 4 Silver.png 25 Copper.png
Need Icon.png


Onyx Fragment.png

Onyx Fragment

None.png None.png None.png

Icewind Valley Boss.png
Boss Name: Gravel Gurrbakk
Level 2 HP ~150
Species Orc Movement Speed Average
Amount Spawned 1 Element
Neutral Element.png Neutral

Monster Spawns


Evidence of Heresy (Cleric-only)
Obtained From Objective Reward
Brother Jacob Clear Icewind Valley
1600 EXP.png
0 Gold.png 1 Silver.png 20 Copper.png

Strange Energy (Sorceress-only)
Obtained From Objective Reward
Sorceress Trainer Cynthia Talk to the NPC object in the boss room.
1600 EXP.png
0 Gold.png 1 Silver.png 20 Copper.png

Poochum Provisions
Obtained From Objective Reward
Jenny Obtain 10 Poochum Chow by killing Poochums 2x Beginner HP Potion
233 EXP.png
0 Gold.png 0 Silver.png 56 Copper.png

Commission Board Quests

There are no Commission Board Quests for this dungeon.

Empowerment Consumption (Total)

Dungeon Map

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