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NPC Name Ignacio
Gender Male
Alliance No Alliance No Alliance.png
Occupation Pontiff's Court member
Location Saint's Haven

Ignacio was the representative of the Temple Knights in the court of Cassius. He is revealed to be one of the seven Apostles along with Elena, Kalahan, and Typhoon Krag who serves an unnamed man. He conspired the death of Gerrant in order to kidnap Rose.

Chapter 4: Saint's Haven Royal Castle[]

When the player reported the kidnap of Rose and the appearance of Velskud, the court of Cassius discussed the method to rescue Rose. General Duglas and the Saint's Haven Royal Army were busy clearing monsters at the Black Mines, Ignacio was unable to recall the Temple Knights to lend aid because they were busy, and Lady Kaylinn refused to lend aid as long as neither the Temple Knights nor the Saint's Haven Royal Army came to help.

Ignacio requested to recall General Duglas and the Royal Army to redirect their focus on rescuing Rose. The player then aided the court of Cassius to rescue Rose while reporting mostly to Ignacio.

Chapter 5: Guardian Gerrant[]

Ignacio was interested in meeting Rose, but Gerrant refused his entry without Terram's explicit permission and presence. Ignacio was upset but enlisted the player's aid to create a bottle of holy water to awaken Rose. The holy water was unable to wake her, so Lady Kaylinn created some dream powder which allows the player to peer into Rose's dream. The player discovered that Rose refused to wake up because the realization that her existence had brought much pain and suffering to everyone she loves.

Ignacio asked Gerrant through the player if an item similar to the Ancient Celebrant's Rune could be used to penetrate Gerrant's nest. Gerrant explained that the Rune was designed to only work against the dragons that are similar to the Black Dragon Karas and Gerrant was an entirely different dragon.

Ignacio then diverted his attention to the Black Dragon. He requested the player to retrieve a sample of the Black Dragon's blood from its severed wing at the Black Ark Monarch's Tower. When the player returns, Ignacio returned Gerrant's Pendant to the player. Ignacio then got the player to retrieve the Leviatha's lustre as a sacrifice to purify the Black Dragon's blood. He then asked for a scroll of spells from the Brethren Shamans at the Withered Leaf Explosion Area.

Finally, Ignacio's plot was revealed. He was truly an Apostle and was intended on kidnapping Rose. Initially he made many attempts to bypass Gerrant's nest, but when he lost that option, he decided to revive the Leviatha with a ceremony at the Tomb of Spite using the Black Dragon's blood, and sent Gerrant to be killed by it. With the Gold Dragon dead, he could no longer hold up the nest and thus Ignacio was free to kidnap Rose and flee.