Icon Name Passive/Active Description Prerequisites Req. Level
Inquisition Passive Attacking an electrocuted enemy with a light elemental spell has a chance to cause the enemy to receive additional light elemental damage. Heavenly Judgment Level 1 45
Lightning Bolt +.png Lightning Bolt + Passive Enhance Lightning Bolt skill to increase the range, damage, and chance to electrocute. Lightning Bolt Level 6 47
Consecration Active Soaks the ground of 5m radius with the holy power, damaging the enemies that tread on the earth and lowering their light attribute resistance. Inquisition Level 1 50
Mind Snapper +.png
Mind Snapper + Passive Strengthens Mind Snapper, increasing damage, range, and AoE size. Also grants Mind Snapper the ability to electrocute enemies, reducing their light elemental resistance by 15%. Mind Snapper Level 1
Lightning Bolt + Level 1
Chain Lightning +.png
Chain Lightning + Passive Strengthens Chain Lightning, inflicting additional damage to electrocuted enemies. Chain Lightning Level 1 60

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