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Invisible thief
NPC Name Invisible Thief
Gender Male
Alliance No Alliance No Alliance
Occupation Thief
Location Carderock Pass

His dream was to follow in the footsteps of Phantom Thief Bobbin, to become a great thief famous across Altera. However, an accident with an unknown substance turned him invisible.

Chapter 5: Guardian Gerrant[ | ]

Invisible Thief decided to move to Saint's Haven to look for more opportunities to use his invisibility and make money. Ignacio discovered him and employs him to steal Gerrant's Pendant from the player at Death City Lane. Invisible Thief later reveals that Ignacio was conducting a ritual at Tomb of Spite.

Friendship[ | ]

To befriend Invisible Thief, you must finish the quest Invisible Body 3. Giving gifts to Hubert or Kevin increases the Invisible Thief's aversion.

Giving gifts to him increases friendship with May. The gifts he likes are: