Prairie Town

The loading screen for Ironwood Village.

Ironwood Village is the beginning town for all Warriors, Archers, Kali, Assassins and Machina. It's a small, quaint town, with luscious green scenery everywhere.

This is the hometown of Rose, Lily and Elder Harold. Within its borders are the remains of Rose's mother and wife to Leon, Clara.

It is just outside the Gale Woods and Militia trainees can be seen practicing within.


Merchants and Services Edit

  • Irine (Event Manager)
  • Dorin (Blacksmith)
  • Arnold (Storage)
  • Delilah (Shop)
  • Bernstein (Scholar)
  • Scrooge (Marketplace)
  • Luke (Guild Manager)
  • Lea (Airship Ticketeer)

Trainers Edit

  • Diana (Archer Trainer)
  • Duncan (Warrior Trainer)
  • Kali Totem (Kali Trainer)
  • Tabi (Assassin Trainer)
  • Anush (Machina Trainer)

Miscellaneous Edit


Quests, save for the Main Quests of the Archer, Warrior, Kali, Assassin and Machina, are unavailable in this town after a patch.