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Ironwood Vilage Loading Screen

Ironwood Village loading screen.

A small town cultivated with nature and people living in harmony, this is the town of the Archers, Warriors, Kali, and Assassins.

You will arrive here after you save a little girl from monsters that had attacked her older sister and herself. However, some of the monsters ran away with the little girl's sister and you were forced to head to the village. Although there is not much to do in Ironwood Village, the people here will have much to teach you before you head off to start your quest.

When you start as either a Warrior, Archer, Kali or Assassin you will enter a brief tutorial sequence and eventually end up here. You will spend most of your time in Ironwood Village and the fields near by it until you reach level 9, then you will be able to leave to Carderock Pass. Ironwood Village has a number of shops that are meant to supply Warriors and Archers levels 1-9.

Map of Ironwood Village[ | ]

Icon Meaning
Portal Icon Portal
Warrior Icon Warrior Skill Trainer
Archer Icon Archer Skill Trainer
Auction Icon Auction House
Blacksmith Icon Blacksmith
Trade Icon General Shop
Storage Icon Storage Keeper
Scholar Icon Scholar
Guild Icon Guild Manager
Mailbox Icon Mailbox
DelilahArnoldDianaDuncanDorinScroogeLukeBernsteinClara's GraveMilitia TraineeCaptain SteveMilitia TraineeMilitia TraineeLilyElder HaroldLeaMailboxIrineBlack FluffaloShadow ForestIronwood Village

List of NPCs[ | ]

Portrait Name Occupation Location
Archer Master Diana
Diana Archer Skill Trainer Northwest Field, north of Duncan
Warrior Master Duncan
Duncan Warrior Skill Trainer Northwest Field, south of Diana
Dorin Blacksmith West of the Fountain, North of Elder Harold and Lily
Merchant Delilah
Delilah Merchant North Northeast of the Fountain, next to Arnold
Arnold Warehouse Manager North Northeast of the Fountain, next to Delilah
Auction Manager Scrooge
Scrooge Marketplace Manager East of the Fountain, north of Luke and south of Bernstein
Bernstein Crest Scholar East of the Fountain, north of Scrooge
Guild Memeber Luke
Luke Adventurer's League member, Guild Recruitment East of the Fountain, south of Scrooge
Elder Harold
Elder Harold Town Elder West Southwest of the Fountain, south of Dorin, south of Lily
Lily Granddaughter of Elder Harold, younger sister of Rose West Southwest of the Fountain, south of Dorin, north of Elder Harold
Captain Steve
Captain Steve Captain of the Militia North of Fountain, northeast of both Duncan and Diana
Lea Conducter for the Atlantis Southeast of fountain, northeast of the Black Fluffalo
Scout Ranger Fergus
Fergus Tutorial Guide Tutorial Area
(Talk to Elder Harold to reach it.)
Events Guide Irine
Irine Event Guide Fountain in the center of town
Militia Trainee
Militia Trainee Members of the Militia Northwest Field, a whole bunch in a cluster
Clara's Grave
Clara's Grave Respectful Marker Northwest Graveyard, leftmost and farthest corner
Black Fluffalo
Black Fluffalo Manual Labor? South of the Fountain, southwest of Lea