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Merchant Jenny.png
NPC Name Jenny
Gender Female
Alliance No Alliance No Alliance.png
Occupation Merchant
Location Mana Ridge

Jenny is the owner of the general store in Mana Ridge, and sells health and mana potions. She will also purchase unneeded equipment and repair damaged items. Dragon Nest's Townfolk & NPC guide states she sells dragonite fragments, but this has not been observed so far.

Personality[edit | edit source]

"Jenny is a merchant who came to visit a relative in Mana Ridge and ended up trapped in the town. When her relative died and left her the responsibility of running the town store, she at first thought of leaving but was 'convinced' not to by the Sorceresses who need the services she provides. Now only her fear of fireballs keeps her in a town and a job she hates, serving people who bully her constantly."

Conversely, Jenny's fantasies can get extremely macabre - the use of Borin's lie detector indicates she seems to often dream about burning the town down, hopefully with the sorceresses perishing with it, in addition to taking enjoyment in the act, and it's uncertain if she really will do so. However, she does kindly state she will wait for a day when the player is not in town if she does go ahead with her dream, as the player is "different" from the others.

Shop[edit | edit source]